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  • Thursday's Reflection 28/09/2016
    Read Luke 4:18-19. Take in the fact that your debt has been cancelled. AskHim to help you live today as someone who has been set free.
  • Wednesday's Reflection 27/09/2016
    Read Luke 4:18-19. Ask the Lord to show you the particular ways in which you are poor, captive, oppressed and blind.
  • Tuesday's Reflection 26/09/2016
    Read Isaiah 61:1-3. What is God’s promise to his people? Notice all the reversals. And spend some time praising Him.
  • Good News and Real Ale 26/09/2016
    One of the best things about living in Bristol and the West Country is its long standing tradition of birthing amazing foodie businesses. Whether it be Hart’s Bakery, Orchard Pig, Butcombe Beers, Bart Spices or Pieminister Pies, there’s nothing more fun than walking down the Gloucester Road on a Saturday morning or going to a […]