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  • Friday's Reflection 27/10/2016
    Emmanuel City Centre: Read Luke 6:22-23. Imagine how wonderful it will be to have your Father God look you in the eye and say “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21).Emmanuel Bishopston & Emmanuel Westbury:  Read Luke 6:24-25. What is Jesus warning you about? How do his words help you to wake up and heed […]
  • Thursday's Reflection 26/10/2016
    Emmanuel City Centre: Read Luke 6:25. How does this verse challenge our search for happiness in a world of instant satisfaction and constant entertainment? Pray for us all to find lasting happiness where it is truly found.Emmanuel Bishopston & Emmanuel Westbury: Read Luke 6:22-23. Think of the ways in which people you care about reject you because […]
  • Wednesday's Reflection 25/10/2016
    Emmanuel City Centre: Read Luke 6:21. What are you hungry for today? What did you last weep over? Find lasting and deep joy in the prospect of all your desires being satisfied, and all mourning, crying and pain being taken away, by Jesus (Revelation 21:1-5).Emmanuel Bishopston & Emmanuel Westbury: Read Luke 6:20-21. Picture the day when you […]
  • On My Shelf: Life and Books 20/10/2016
    It will not surprise anyone that knows me to hear that The Gospel Coalition's regular blog series with this title is something I always love reading.They regularly interview Christian leaders, authors and academics about what they're reading, what books they'd recommend, and what the Lord is teaching them in life at the moment. I both […]