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  • Wednesday's reflection on Genesis 1:26-2:17 10/02/2016
    Read Matthew 22:36-40 & 28:18-20. What are you doing today? How should these verses shape your priorities? Pray they will.
  • Tuesday's reflection on Genesis 1:26-2:17 09/02/2016
    Read Psalm 8. Meditate with King David on the dignity and responsibilities God has given us. Praise him for them!
  • Why are we here? Further resources 08/02/2016
    Yesterday we continued our series Glorious Ruins: What it means to be human by asking the question Why are we here? You can listen to the answers from Genesis 1-2┬áhere.If you want to think more about the topics we covered here's some help:A book to read:Julian Hardyman's book Maximum Life is a book we should […]
  • 2016 Lent Courses 07/02/2016
    Last year we ran three evenings in the Boston Tea Party on Whiteladies Road where there was a chance to work together on two key areas of Christian living (prayer or Bible study).This year our focus is going to be on another two key areas - evangelism and relationships: one track looking at each.Here's your […]